3D Building Design

Custom Tools for Innovators

Many of our customers are market leading innovators with cutting edge engineering and design processes. For them, no shrink wrapped software solution exists to support their complex engineering and sales processes. Our tools and expertise can create a solution that fits their workflow, and supercharges sales and growth.

Best of Breed Technologies

DAS use technologies that were developed specifically to support the complexities faced by the automative and aerospace giants. Many types of complex rules can be captured and automated, including:
► mathematical engineering
► geometric contraints
► configuration logic
► material optimisation

These and many other rules can be captured and automated in a single comprehesive model that is fast and accurate.

Boiler Room

Rolled up designs

Supercharged Sales and Engineering

For complex products, the sales process is often slow and resource intensive with engineering typically being the bottleneck. When a single coherent model is brought into the sales process, there are immediately a number of huge benefits:
► quotes based on a fully engineered solutions
► customer changes handled quickly and easily
► high cost accuracy
► automatic generation of documents and drawings
Furthermore, once the sale is agreed, engineering outputs are also automatically generated based on the same model.

Long Term and Low Risk

Many companies have relied on individual programmers or esoteric technologies that both present significant long term risks. DAS use the best technologies for long term knowledge capture but also mitigate risks by:
► building on the Microsoft .NET platform
► creating a solid solution architecture
► using intuitive rule capture techniques
► training in-house staff in rule maintainence
We will make sure your solution will provide a platform for growth for many years to come.